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Video Advertising on the Rise

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Video Advertising is on the Rise, is your business on the rise as well?

Due to the rate at which people view and share videos, many companies now spare no expense on the production of great videos for advertising. Video Advertising is used to tell your company’s brand story and they are used to explain how their products are meant to be used.

For instance, software developers use videos to explain every step involved in the installation and use of their applications.

The impact of video advertising to mobile targeting has interesting statistics:

These figures were put together by different organizations as results of different studies and surveys carried out on video marketing but they collectively pass one important message.

  • 70 percent of customers have shared a brand video at least once before.
• 72 percent of businesses agreed that video advertising has improved their conversion rate tremendously.
  • 72 percent of consumers accepted that videos swayed their decisions to make certain orders.
  • 52 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others.
  • 96 percent of B2B organizations made use of video marketing at least once.

So why it is important to every business you ask?Google Searches

Well, the main reason every business needs video marketing is because it generates relatively higher return on investment. People hardly pass by brief videos without viewing them because it is easier and more entertaining to watch a short video than go through multiple pages of boring text.

People today are too busy to ‘read’ and instead now find it is much faster and more enlightening to watch a video, a video clip and a video ad. And if you get a creative designer like CGMS that cares about what you care about, then people will WANT to see what you are all about and will reach out to you.

In addition, Google and other search engines favor sites with videos over the ones without them. In other words, videos give your website some SEO advantages.

Here is a few Tips when deciding to get a video ad:


Start your video with a logo intro is always an attention grabber.

Next, remember that Less is Better in video ads.

Short videos are viewed more than long ones so, it is important to make your videos very brief. An ideal video is less than a minute in duration. If you can’t cover all the essential information in a minute, just make your video as short as possible as well as intriguing and fun!

Always put its duration beside every video because people love brief videos more. To underscore the importance of brevity in videos, consumers are more likely to view all of five 1-minute videos than view a single 4-minute video. Put the most important information first. This is because not every viewer will view the video to the end.

Finally, always have your videos end with a clear call to action. An animated logo is also a good way to end your video after the call to action.

Google Blog

Hey Google; What’s Up with My Digital Assistant?

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Hey Google; What’s Up with My Digital Assistant?

On and on it goes with whatever digital assistant you have. Today, you can ask your digital assistant anything, and it will give you an answer and set your schedules.

SIRI; locate the nearest Pho place, I’m hungry.Google Blog

ALEXA; remind me to pick up the dog from groomer at 4 pm

HEY GOOGLE; wake me up at 6 am tomorrow

HEY CORTANA; my 2018 Buick is making a clicking sound

The list of personal assistants are long and still growing, and if you want your business to continue to grow in 2019, you will have to get on board with the new marketing strategies concerning Voice searches or take the risk of being left behind.

We saw specific key trends rise in the customer-based business sectors, as well as the video marketing/advertising within the last year. Whiteboard explainer videos and business promo videos were the hot topics when closing out 2018, so what do we have to look forward to in 2019?

Well, Video advertising is continuing to rise, but voice search is the newest tech trend says, Forbes. Forbes

Today, more people are getting online for all their needs, especially via their smartphones because it is handy. More people are using their smartphones to handle all types of their business while on the go and voice search is the main key they use to simplify their searches.

Why the rise?

Today, people depend on their smart phone for everything; schedules, updates, contacts, stocks, alarms, and believe it or not; communication! Lol

Its ability to be omnipresent has augmented convenience, productivity, and speed.

Consumers today want to know all about a product and it’s reviews before purchasing so that they don’t take the risk of not liking the product and then having to return it.

We live in an ‘on the go’ society so there is not much time set aside for wasting time for mistakes that can be avoided with research.

“OC&C Strategy Consultants reported that voice-powered commerce accounted for $1.8 billion in U.S. retail revenues in 2017. This figure is expected to reach $40 billion by 2022.”

Forbes Agency Council

And Gartner predicts the virtual world with voice searches to rise even more in 2020

“By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.” Gartner

How can you keep up

So, if you want to get on ahead of the game, you will need to provide your products information to include the pricing, availability, and reviews to optimize search engines to pick up for voice searches. This will ensure that your Google Blogproduct and services will be available for those who search on the go.

I cannot stress the importance of supplying this information, especially when it comes to voice search, where only the best results are given.

It is also sensible to implement some targeted key phrases that contain key terms.

Voice searches are more inclined to be more casual than text searches since its more like talking to a family member.

If you’d like to stay ahead of the game and get the latest news across marketing click here and check out our marketing tips, news, and updates.


Ranking Higher on You Tube

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Ranking Higher on You TubeYouTube

There are several strategies to improve the ranking of your video on YouTube but what makes it a bigger challenge is that these strategies keep changing. However, certain kinds of videos have been ranking high since the emergence of YouTube.

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They ranked high then and they are still ranking high now.

These are the three types of videos that you want to align your YouTube video after.


  • The first type is Commercial videos.
  • Well created marketing videos always rank high.


  • Secondly, Tutorial videos are always a hot cake. They are better known as “how to” videos. It could be on weight loss, detox, fashion, or even on makeup. How-to videos are great.


  • Humorous videos always rank high too.


I’ve also included some strategies that you can apply to improve the ranking of your video on YouTube.YouTube


  • There are thousands of videos on YouTube and the number will keep increasing. The problem with this is that viewers have become very choosy on the videos that they want to watch. So, any video with a boring tittle does not stand a chance at all. You have to think of a very catchy caption. You can add an icing on the cake by creating the catchy title around a well-researched keyword.


  • This section should never be left blank! For the sake of ranking higher, two lines of description may not be enough. Use the section to market and describe your video. Say what the video is all about and let potential viewers know what they will gain from watching it.


  • You can also share the link to your video on your social media accounts and encourage your friends and followers to share it too. Remember, ranking higher is only a means to an end. The end is having millions of views.


  • Building links around your video will definitely improve its YouTube ranking. However, it is better to adopt white hat organic links. It may take a pretty long time to yield the desired results, but its result will last for a long time.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? 
Try out these tips and see how your video ranking improves on YouTube!

Is Our Healthcare System Still Broken

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Is Our Healthcare System Still Broken?

California healthcare costs have long been high, but recent rises in premiums are pushing the politicians and the legislature to consider new avenues to ensure healthcare is affordable for its residents. Home to more than 40 Californiamillion people, California is home to a variety of lifetlyles, and the state’s diversity in terms of rural and urban environments adds a number of additional difficulties. However, its economic prowess means California can succeed in areas where smaller states have historically failed.

In 2019, health insurance premiums for those buying plans on California’s healthcare exchange system, which was introduced to meet demands of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, are expected to rise 8.7 percent, pushing healthcare out of the reach of some California residents and creating burdens for others. However, this rise is smaller than previous years, which saw double-digit increases. Furthermore, many analysts state that a majority of these rising coses can be explained by actions from the Trump administration, leading some to claim that the system is, as a whole, a moderate success.

California’s legislature has been somewhat slow to react to these changes. Nevertheless, the California legislature is moving toward guaranteeing coverage for all Californians. Assembly Bill 1810 states that healthcare is a human right and that all Californians deserve affordable access to healthcare. Furthermore, the bill states an intent to halt the rise in healthcare prices.

HealthCareHowever, the left-moving California legislature has yet to allow a vote on implementing a single-payer healthcare system across the state, an idea many politicians in California have embraced in recent years. Although the bill may be seen as a dodge, it does create the “Council on Health Care Delivery Systems,” which aims to propose options for moving California to a unified healthcare system. The councils results are due in late 2021, meaning California’s healthcare system is likely to remain as it is for the foreseeable future.

California’s healthcare system is, much like the nation as a whole, in a state of flux. Despite rising costs, the number of people uninsured in California has dropped significantly over the years. With a president and national legislature hostile to Obamacare, however, the future is difficult to predict.

Furthermore, the populist push toward single-payer healthcare might lead to radical changes in the near future.


The Rise of Voice Search Technology

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In the early days of the World Wide Web, few predicted just how ubiquitous search engines would become in the future. Google has become one of the most powerful and influential tech companies due to its search engine, and research into searching is still high. However, there is a new trend many expect to play an increasingly important role over the coming years: Voice search.

Smartphones have been popular for more than a decade, but it’s taken time for people to start using voice searching. Voice recognition has long been a goal in computing, and the technology has only recently become a practicalTechnology option for most people. Furthermore, people are using voice search on more devices. Digital assistants from Google, Amazon, and others rely entirely on voice communication. The popularity of these devices is pushing voice searching to the forefront.

The fundamentals of voice search are largely in line with text searching; the same algorithms that anticipate what users are looking for in text searches can be adapted to voice search technology. However, people interact with devices differently through speech and through text, and users expect a more human-like experiences when speaking to devices. Voice search needs to be better able to anticipate open-ended questions. Furthermore, voice search is often used for looking up facts, restaurants, and shopping, among other tasks. Full-featured voice search interfaces need to be able to handle a broader range of tasks than looking for websites.

TechnologyFortunately, the popularity of voice search also coincides with an era where artificial intelligence is receiving more interest. Machine learning, in particular, lets voice search engines rely on past searches to provide better results. As more people use voice search, AI systems have more data to look through and improve.

Voice search is unlikely to ever supplant traditional search engines. However, its accessibility and capabilities will only increase in the future. Individuals, businesses, and researchers alike all need to ensure they’re keeping an eye on voice search for the foreseeable future.

San Blas Mexico

A Visit to San Blas Nayarit

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Here in San Blas, Mexico, you sure can’t be surprised by the interesting combination of luscious landscape, historic buildings, and the changing colors of the waters.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that if you truly enjoy something, you will definitely want to do it again, so as you can guess, a visit to SanBlas is to expect and start planning for your return.

San BlasSan Blas is just a small fishing village of no more than 15,000 people. It’s located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico between Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. If you are looking for some peace and quiet you will not be disappointed, especially in the month of January. If you are looking for some birding, crocodile adventures, and seafood, you’ve hit the jackpot. There is a plethora of beaches that will amaze and delight you.

The town of San Blas in January is slightly more relaxed compared to the Hussle and bustle of old town Puerto Vallarta. Here, the families gather in the town square with trampolines for the kids and or just to eat dinner as friends meet here to commune and catch up.

During the day, taxis are lined up waiting to take you wherever you’d like to go for 50-100 pesos($5.00), or you can just take a stroll around the square where it also has another overabundance of shopping options.

This beautiful hidden gem is one of our stops on the 32-day Puerto Vallarta Tour Gitano RV Tours where you will experience the beauty of this side of Mexico’s Pacific’s history and charm from its colonial San Blasheritage to jungles, forests, cliffs, crocodile swamps to the crystal-clear beaches of Las Islitas, where they have traditional palapas lined up down the beach offering delicious traditional dishes from the local fisherman.


Bitcoin News

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BitcoinBitcoin news: Everyone thought: ‘Bitcoin would never make it,’ and oh how wrong they were! To purchase/trade one Bitcoin today, it will cost you nearly $7,050! As of August 28, 2018, cryptocurrencies lead coin was trading around $7,044. Cryptocurrency has now gone viral! The capitalization in the crypto market has increased nearly $30 billion in the last two weeks! This doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon!

And if you haven’t heard; Yahoo Finance has now integrated trading with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) on their platforms.

People have caught the fever because of the benefits attached to them. They bought into the concept so much that their value kept going up for several years.

Crypto CurrencyLook at all the great benefits of cryptocurrencies:

  • Since they are digital, they cannot be counterfeited.
  • Sending money with cryptocurrency is cheaper and faster. Because of Blockchain Technology, the recipient receives their money in minutes.
  • Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning that their movement cannot be controlled by any certain group or government.

Unfortunately, despite their amazing benefits, cryptocurrencies have their potential risks too because of the blockchain technology being irreversible, right? Well, this is a two-edged sword. You might Crypto Currencysay that this makes it impossible for transactions to be manipulated, but hackers can still take advantage of the irreversibility of the blockchain. In fact, they have already done so.

One of the things you may recall about Bitcoin news was the notorious Wannacry ransomware attack that was back in May of 2017, the hackers directed victims to pay in Bitcoins for their systems to be fixed, and some of them did.

Wanna Cry Ransomeware - Wikipedia

The final risk that comes to the surface though is that the real value of cryptocurrencies is still in question because the digital coins are all virtual.

Present performance of cryptocurrencies

Crypto CurrencyDespite the potential risks, cryptocurrencies are currently flying high. The recent Bitcoin news is the integration of some cryptocurrencies into the Yahoo Finance platform, which is an indication that the currencies are doing very well. While Yahoo Finance mentioned numerous digital coins on its trading platform, it only put up Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin (BTC) for trading on its platforms recently. Only the 3 of them have the buy and sell buttons among all the existing digital currencies. As we continue to evolve in the digital era, more coins are becoming available. Such as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin and Dash just for a few examples. Even though millennials don’t believe so much in long-term investment, about 4.68% of them have invested in cryptocurrencies already, and the chances are high that the figure will continue to increase.

Future of cryptocurrencies

Well, the old dictum says high risk and high reward work hand-in-hand and cryptocurrencies have been offering high rewards. Will, they are an exception to the rule or will the season for losses arrive anytime soon? Besides, the unpredictability of the future values of all the digital coins is another issue that is also giving concern. The next half decade will be a pointer to the direction of the values of cryptocurrencies.

Whether the values will keep increasing or the bubble will burst, it is only a matter of time.