Video Advertising on the Rise

By May 17, 2019CGMS Main
Video Ads

Video Advertising is on the Rise, is your business on the rise as well?

Due to the rate at which people view and share videos, many companies now spare no expense on the production of great videos for advertising. Video Advertising is used to tell your company’s brand story and they are used to explain how their products are meant to be used.

For instance, software developers use videos to explain every step involved in the installation and use of their applications.

The impact of video advertising to mobile targeting has interesting statistics:

These figures were put together by different organizations as results of different studies and surveys carried out on video marketing but they collectively pass one important message.

  • 70 percent of customers have shared a brand video at least once before.
• 72 percent of businesses agreed that video advertising has improved their conversion rate tremendously.
  • 72 percent of consumers accepted that videos swayed their decisions to make certain orders.
  • 52 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others.
  • 96 percent of B2B organizations made use of video marketing at least once.

So why it is important to every business you ask?Google Searches

Well, the main reason every business needs video marketing is because it generates relatively higher return on investment. People hardly pass by brief videos without viewing them because it is easier and more entertaining to watch a short video than go through multiple pages of boring text.

People today are too busy to ‘read’ and instead now find it is much faster and more enlightening to watch a video, a video clip and a video ad. And if you get a creative designer like CGMS that cares about what you care about, then people will WANT to see what you are all about and will reach out to you.

In addition, Google and other search engines favor sites with videos over the ones without them. In other words, videos give your website some SEO advantages.

Here is a few Tips when deciding to get a video ad:


Start your video with a logo intro is always an attention grabber.

Next, remember that Less is Better in video ads.

Short videos are viewed more than long ones so, it is important to make your videos very brief. An ideal video is less than a minute in duration. If you can’t cover all the essential information in a minute, just make your video as short as possible as well as intriguing and fun!

Always put its duration beside every video because people love brief videos more. To underscore the importance of brevity in videos, consumers are more likely to view all of five 1-minute videos than view a single 4-minute video. Put the most important information first. This is because not every viewer will view the video to the end.

Finally, always have your videos end with a clear call to action. An animated logo is also a good way to end your video after the call to action.